Standard unit with rapid availability

CyberWall units engineered and produced in Hamburg are compact and easy to transport. The unit design has been tested and optimized to guarantee efficient and reliable cooling of your entire server room.

The unit with chilled water system is specially designed for indoor installation and, as a standard unit, offers shorter delivery times.

Advantages CyberWall

  • Maximum cooling capacity with minimum power consumption

  • Airflow optimized using CFD analyses to ensure uniform distribution

  • Baseframe and panel design optimized for indoor installation

  • Space-saving, cost-effective transport in a standardized shipping container

  • Easy handling and installation

  • Various control options based on Delta T, differential pressure control, and room air and return air

Technical data for WBF 2000 CW

Cooling capacity






Dimensions (W x H x D)


2,200 x 3,000 x 1,660

* Return air conditions: 37 °C; 25 % r. h.; chilled water: 16/26 °C

Intelligent positioning of components ensures a flow-optimized design
Thanks to their flow-optimized design, our CyberWall units have the lowest pressure drops and therefore achieve the greatest possible energy savings, which are immediately noticeable.

Components are arranged to ensure maximum utilization of the heat exchangers and uniform air distribution along the entire length of the aisle.

CFD analysis for optimizing operation

To prevent pressure drops and ensure uniform temperature distribution, an exhaustive CFD analysis was performed during the development of the CyberWall. The results enabled us to test and optimize the flow in all areas of the CyberWall. The outcome is a perfectly uniform flow through the heat exchanger, which maximizes cooling capacity while simultaneously minimizing


  • Filter classes according to ISO 16890: ISO Coarse 90% (G4) or ISO ePM10 70% (M5)
  • Just undo the clamping screw for rapid filter replacement, Filter pressure monitoring
  • Aluminum air dampers
  • Various heat exchangers available
  • Pressure independent control (PIC) valve
  • Pressure independent control valve for indicating cooling capacity and EER values
  • Dual power feed with automatic switchover
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