STULZ Custom Indoor AHU

Tailored to your individual requirements


STULZ offers the ideal solution for individual requirements – from a comprehensive range of cooling capacities and unit configurations to a variety of different cooling systems.

With the STULZ Custom Indoor AHU, you have a custom-tailored solution that has been engineered and ideally configured for your application in consultation with you.

Advantages Custom Indoor AHU

  • Customized versions thanks to a variety of design options and cooling systems: Direct evaporative method, Chilled water, Direct Adiabatic Cooling, Free Cooling

  • Software is adapted to specific customer requirements

  • Various unit configurations: Horizontal or vertical airflow, Standalone or with duct connection

  • Flexible unit dimensions for individual space and customer requirements

  • Unit is designed to suit the customer's service strategies

  • Various heat exchangers available

Climate. Customized.
Air Handling Units to your specifications

Climate.Customized. Air Handling Units

Whether standalone or intelligently connected, units from STULZ satisfy all your requirements for long-lasting, perfectly adapted air conditioning solutions. From hardware to software, from design to production through to installation, we can supply complete air conditioning systems with maximum energy efficiency that respond to your individual requirements exactly, intelligently, and reliably. With STULZ you can be sure of operational reliability, while at the same time significantly lowering your equipment’s energy costs and CO2 emissions.

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Solutions achieved with customers

Horizontal AHU


  • Maximum capacity with a minimal footprint
  • Redundancy concept for maximum availability
  • Easy service access to all components

Thanks to the large heat exchanger surfaces, this solution ensures a high cooling capacity in a single module. The maintenance-friendly design allows side access to the unit. The redundancy concept is ideally implemented by assigning the units in pairs to a cold aisle and by using counterbalanced fan inlet backdraft dampers to minimize air recirculation.

Horizontal Stackable AHU


  • Large air throw for particularly long aisle lengths
  • Maximum utilization of the room height
  • Modular design for simple handling and transport
  • No maintenance work in the data center

This solution allows easy handling for simple and secure stacking of the units to reduce on-site installation time and cost. Despite the minimal footprint, the unit is particularly easy to maintain and offers a large air throw thanks to the use of axial fans.

Horizontal Split Sectional AHU


  • Direct Free Cooling
  • Minimal noise emissions into the data center
  • Modular design for container transport

Due to its dimensions and design, this solution fits into a standardized shipping container. The unit can be reassembled and rewired on site using minimal labor. An integrated module for combining outside air and recirculated air allows efficient use of Direct Free Cooling. Air discharge sound attenuators reduce noise emissions.

Modular Split AHU


  • Maximum cooling capacity in a single unit
  • Addition of modules while the data center is in operation
  • Dimensions and weight optimized for service elevators and transport routes

Due to the vertical center split, the unit fits into service elevators and can be maneuvered within confined spaces. The modular design allows easy on-site expansion with minimum effort.

CAH 2000 CW


  • Optimized for especially high heat loads
  • Maintenance during operation
  • Earthquake-proof

This successful design is used at numerous locations. The unit consists of two modules, is earthquake-proof, and the design means that several units can be positioned directly next to each other. The filters can be changed during operation and foldaway fans allow very easy maintenance.

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