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Rapid Deployment Data Centres

STULZ-TI’s RDDC is a complete pre-built Data Centre in a self-contained, ISO shipping container sized transportable unit. STULZ-TI are keen to emphasise that although the module may resemble that of a shipping container with the optional corrugated finish, it is in fact a purpose made structure. The module is designed to be a Data Centre and not a shipping container modified to become a Data Centre. 


  • Purpose Built structure

  • Designed to be a Data Centre

  • Insulation on all 6 sides

  • 240 minute fire protection

  • 47c delta T

  • Optional Lloyd’s Certification

  • Typically ISO footprint

  • Rapid to deploy

  • Easy to transport globally

  • Suitable for harsh environments

  • Huge amount of options available

  • Exterior facade/branding/colour options available


Rockwool is included within the structure to offer impressive thermal and acoustic insulation whilst also delivering a 240 minute fire resistance on all six sides.


RDDC’s provide a secure environment to ensure your critical data and IT infrastructure are protected. Each RDDC is tailored to your requirements, and can be equipped with the latest fire-suppression, video surveillance and cooling technologies.

The RDDC is available is a variety of finishes and can be built with many options to choose from.


The RDDC is suitable for most small Data Centre deployments and helps resolve space, deployment time, build complexity, and cost challenges.

RDDC’s have a wide range of additional applications including: Temporary or permanent expansion of existing infrastructure, disaster recovery and emergency data storage.

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