Free Cooling

Free Cooling

CyberCool 2 chillers are available with integrated Free Cooling

CyberCool 2 combines the three operating modes:

  • Compressor mode (DX)
  • Mixed mode – Compressor mode with some Free Cooling (MIX)
  • Free Cooling mode (FC)

In order to be energy efficient, a chiller must be technically capable of working over the entire outside temperature range in a way that is optimized for the operating point. Here, according to temperature statistics in the temperate zones, most operating hours are not purely in Free Cooling or compressor mode, but in Mixed mode (approx. 60 % = ca. 5.250 h/a). In this mode, the Free Cooling coils pre-cool the circulating cooling water and therefore reduce the power consumption of the compressors. The flexible switchover between Compressor mode and Free Cooling, combined with the maximized surface area of the coils, helps to explain the success of the CyberCool 2.

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