CyberCool CSI

Targeted cooling of IT and medical equipment

STULZ CyberCool indoor data chillers have three different systems to ensure that your chilled water supply can respond to demand. Fully automonous, with high availability in the vicinity where supplies are needed, and easy to retrofit.

Solutions for CyberCool CSI units

  • For small, medium-sized and modular Data Centers

  • Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling

  • For indoor installation even in the smallest space

  • For chilling in the vicinity of consumers, including load changes in racks or rooms

  • Application areas include IT, medicine and hospitals, and facilities

High-quality workmanship and engineering excellence – Made in Germany.



  • Available as a compact DX chiller or an energy-saving Free Cooling chiller

  • Also suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments thanks to low-noise condensers and heat exchangers

  • Minimal indoor chilled water circuit (no anti-freeze + low water volume = reduced risk)

  • Easy maintenance – all parts accessible from the front

  • Reliable monitoring – easy to connect to building services management systems or alarm systems using floating contacts

Compactly designed units with standard door size, for easy transport and assembly

  • Norbert Wenk, Produktmanager

    “Chilling at up to 100 kW per unit with a minimal footprint – flexible and highly available.“



  • Available in A, G and GE versions

  • Construction of redundant chilled water systems

  • Electronic expansion valve

  • Refrigerant R410A

  • Integrated pumps

  • Precise control

  • Low volume of circulating water

  • Glycol-free chilled water circuit for indoor installation


Control and monitoring           

  • C7000 controller
  • STULZ hardware and software developed in-house
  • Connection to building automation systems
  • Energy efficient system operation at every operating point
  • Early warning system (warning and main alarm)
  • Service interface


  • Brochure CyberCool Indoor Data Chiller

    CyberCool Indoor Data-Chiller, Targeted cooling of IT and medical equipment

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    • Language: English

    • Date: 2016-11-14

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