Customer-specific refrigeration systems

Energy efficiency, capital investment, running costs, room size, noise protection, redundancy, local climate – every project has its own specific requirements when it comes to precise air conditioning.

Our customers can choose from a variety configurations to produce the best balance between investment, running costs and energy efficiency. STULZ is the only manufacturer in the world to offer such a wide range of configuration options.


Compressor cooling with compressor refrigeration system according to the direct evaporator principle (DX/direct expansion)
The air conditioning module's refrigerant circuit consists of an evaporator, an expansion valve, a scroll compressor and an external air-cooled condenser. Conveyed by a fan, the room air flows through the evaporator, where heat is extracted from it and transferred to the refrigerant. The A/C unit and external condenser are connected to one another by means of a closed refrigerant circuit.

CyberCool CSI A size: 950 x 1,980 x 890 mm


Simple heat dissipation viaa water-glycol mixture
Like the A-system, the G system works according to the direct evaporator principle, but in the G-system, the heat from the DX circuit is transferred to a water-glycol mixture by a plate-type condenser integrated in the A/C unit. The mixture circulates in a closed circuit and transfers the heat to the outside air via an external recooling heat exchanger.

CyberCool CSI G size: 950 x 1,980 x 890 mm


Hybrid G-system with Indirect Free Cooling
A hybrid cooling system combining a G-system with Indirect Free Cooling. The GE-system switches to energy-saving mode as soon as the outside temperature permits. The outside air is used for Indirect Free Cooling. GE-systems form the basis of Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling.

CyberCool CSI GE size: 1,400 x 1,980 x 890 mm

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