Intelligent airflow control – for more efficiency in rack cooling

CyberRow is an A/C unit for the targeted cooling of high-density racks. In CyberRow, innovative horizontal air conduction has been enhanced with state-of-the-art technology boasting high performance, flexibility and efficiency. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing high-density server technology – these are exactly the tricky situations from everyday practice that CyberRow has been specially developed to deal with.

Solutions for CyberRow

  • High-density and hot spots

  • Small, medium and modular Data Centers

  • Indirect Free Cooling

  • Equipment rooms

  • Application areas: IT, telecommunications, infrastructure, facilities



  • Innovative technology and high-quality components for minimal energy consumption

  • Can be used with racks from any manufacturer

  • Complete system separation between rack and A/C unit for maximum reliability

  • High performance values and top results in the smallest space

  • Precise temperature control with two mutually independent setpoints

  • Available in 4 different cooling systems

Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling

Savings of up to 60 % with STULZ Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling

Precise air conduction

The air conduction of the CyberRow units were analyzed with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) systems. This CFD visualization shows how the air conduction virtually sticks to the server racks and no air disturbances arise. The cold air flows directly in front of the server racks.

  • Norbert Wenk, Product Manager

    “Targeted, efficient cooling of high heat loads at high-temperatures – CyberRow is specially developed for these applications.“

Three different widths for flexibility

CyberRow units are available in 300, 400 and 600 mm widths.

Two different depths to accommodate all applications

The two different unit depths provide easy rear service access to racks of any depth and without any drop in pressure.

We supply customized solutions specially adapted to your project requirements. Select a system.


Depending on required cooling capacity, CyberRow can supply up to six server cabinets.

Cold-aisle containment

CyberRow units with frontal air outlets can be used for cold-aisle containment. The units are positioned in a staggered arrangement to provide an optimum air supply to cold-aisle containment across from them.

Frontal air outlet

Hot-aisle containment

CyberRow units with lateral air conduction are used for hot-aisle containment. Expelling the cold air sideways ensures even distribution across the whole length of the aisle while preventing it from mixing with the warm return air.

EC technology 

Up to 5 speed-controlled EC fans which can be controlled independently of each other for optimum adaptation to different return air and supply air temperatures.

Variety of options for CyberRow.



  • Front and rear maintenance access

  • RS485 connectivity to standard BMS systems

  • Zigzag G4 filter with metal frame

  • Powder-coated housing with doors at front and rear

  • Pre-cut openings as standard for water connections top and bottom

  • No direct cable or refrigerant connections are required between the rack and the A/C unit, allowing greater flexibility for installation in the Data Center

  • Pivoting E-box (for service and maintenance)

  • Up to five EC fans: mutually independent, infinitely adjustable EC fans ensure maximum efficiency

  • EC compressor: infinitely adjustable for precise cooling capacity, and no increase in start-up current due to inverter technology

  • CyberRow is available in four different refrigeration systems (the AS, CW and GS systems, and the GES system with Indirect Free Cooling)

  • Available in 6 sizes


Control and monitoring           

  • C7000 controller for controlling and monitoring the air conditioning system.
  • Six temperature sensors for controlled precision climate cooling in three discrete horizontal areas. 
  • The GE system switches from Compressor mode to Indirect Free Cooling as soon as the outside air temperature permits.
  • If a fan fails, the other two will speed up.
  • Monitoring and reports for all faults.
  • Standard RS-485 serial port for connection to BMS using Modbus and STULZ protocols.

Innovationspreis IT for CyberRow

Initiative Mittelstand awards its INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT to companies that provide medium-sized enterprises with innovative IT solutions and high user value. CyberRow was named BEST OF 2013 in the "Green IT" category. 



  • STULZ CyberRow Brochure

    Intelligent air flow control - for more efficiency in rack cooling

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    • Date: 2014-11-01

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