Free Cooling

MiniSpace EC with Direct Free Cooling

The MiniSpace EC unit with Free Cooling option features a preinstalled outside air damper and circulating air damper, and can be fitted directly to the wall.

MiniSpace Eco-Cool combines Free Cooling and compressor cooling in 4 stages:

Free Cooling
Outside air damper opens. Outside air flows through the filter directly into the unit, then into the IT room; compressor off.

Extended Free Cooling  
The cooling capacity is kept constant by increasing the airflow. Outside air damper open; compressor off.

Mixed mode
If the fan reaches maximum speed and Extended Free Cooling is no longer sufficient, the compressor is switched on for support; outside air damper open; compressor runs in partial load mode.

DX mode
The unit works in Compressor mode; outside air damper closed.

Air conduction in Free Cooling mode

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