Precision air conditioning unit for indoor installation

Tel-Air-2 units are designed for installation in telecommunication containers and equipment rooms. As they are installed indoors, noise is kept to a minimum and the units are protected against environmental influences and vandalism.

Solutions for Tel-Air-2 units

  • Shelter cooling

  • Small Data Centers

  • Modular Data Centers

  • Direct Free Cooling

  • Equipment rooms

  • For use in telecommunications, infrastructure, facilities, broadcasting



  • Innovative technology and high-quality components for low energy consumption

  • Suitable for residential areas due to low noise emissions

  • Plug and play and therefore immediately ready for connection and use

  • Indoor installation keeps units protected against environmental influences and vandalism

Direct Free Cooling

With Free Cooling, the units achieve savings of up to 83 % on running costs.

Freie Kühlung

  • Uwe Kudszus, Product Manager

    "With our series of Tel-Air-2 units, we offer three models for indoor installation, all with different air conduction. This device series has proven its worth in cell phone containers around the world, and is now increasingly popular in small Data Centers, too."

Flexibility thanks to variable air conduction

Tel-Air-2 units are available as upflow, downflow and displacement versions. The displacement principle is especially efficient because of its air conduction method.

Cold supply air flows in close to the ground at low speed. Due to the low speed at which the air is flowing, a "pool" of cold air forms on the floor. This cold air is drawn in by fans integrated in the server rack to a varying extent depending on the heat load, and then expelled upwards as heated air. Because the cold and hot air are prevented from mixing, the displacement unit can draw the circulating air in at 30 °C, instead of 25 °C as was previously the case. This higher temperature level increases the operating hours with Free Cooling.



  • Factory tested, filled with refrigerant and ready for operation from the very first day

  • Downflow, upflow and displacement principle

  • Condensation pressure control

  • Outside air conditions: –20/+50 °C winter/summer

  • Automatic restart after power failure

  • Refrigerant R407C

  • Filter monitor and airflow alarm

  • Inside and outside temperature sensors

  • G4 zigzag filter

  • Heat exchanger with microchannel technology


Control and monitoring

The C2020 consists of a controller and an optional operator terminal. The controller controls all the functions of the Tel-Air-2 unit. The operator terminal, consisting of a keypad and LCD, displays the most important operating states and alerts.



  • The C2020 enables up to ten units to be configured in a single air conditioning system. If an individual unit drops out or the heat load rises, the standby unit is switched in for additional support

Night mode

  • Time-controlled limitation of the condenser and evaporator fan speed for quiet operation
  • Energy-saving mode

Monitoring and alarm relaying

  • Via BMS systems 
  • Nine potential free contacts are available: Alarms can be assigned a high or low priority
  • Via GSM modem 

Simple configuration and software updates

  • Central configuration of units from a laptop
  • Hardware key for uploading and downloading software without a laptop 

WIB 1000

WIB 1000 is user-friendly and offers easy data exchange, monitoring and worldwide suitability.

  • Ongoing retrieval of data from the controller
  • Ethernet interface
  • Compatible with all common BMS systems
  • Communication via SNMP and HTTP IP protocols




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