Method of operation

Ultrasonic humidifier function principle

Ultrasonic humidifiers operate according to the principle of "ultrasonic atomization".

A 48 V alternating voltage is rectified on an atomizer PCB and converted into a high-frequency signal of 1.65 MHz. This signal is transferred to an oscillator installed in the water bath, which converts it into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation. The integrated oscillators are referred to as thickness oscillators, which change their thickness 1.65 million times a second in line with the applied signal of 1.65 MHz.

Fig. 1: The humidifier is switched on. The oscillator amplitude is positive.
Fig. 2: The oscillator amplitude is negative. The inertia of the water creates a vacuum.
Fig. 3: After approx. 10 amplitudes, the ultrasonic humidifier reaches 100 % of its output.

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